• Rick arrived to my home equipped with window samples that gave me an idea how the windows were constructed. Because I knew what I wanted , but not how to verbalize it, the “mini” windows made it easier for me to make an informed decision. And to top it off, their prices were within my budget, and they did an excellent job. Couldn’t ask for more.
    Cathy D. – Pensacola, FL 

  • I had a fantastic experience with Security Windows. This is a wonderfully professional company. Their work is definitely customer satisfaction guaranteed. I had looked for windows  for some time. Either the price or something just didn’t seem right about others offers.  That sad tale ended when my friend recommended Security Guard  Windows to me. I’m as pleased as punch with the product and the service. The crew did an excellent job. Kudos to him.
    Marsha L. – Pensacola, FL

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